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At Tactical Mosquito Control we support quality content that provides information for our clients. We believe in providing more content than you will ever be able to read! Education is the best tool when it comes to killing mosquitoes and ensuring your family is protected. With this Mosquito Blog we will drive quality content to you, providing you with up-to-date news.

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Aedes Aegypti, The Yellow Fever Mosquito

The Aedes Aegypti, Yellow Fever Mosquito History and Specifications The Ae. Aegypti, Yellow Fever Mosquito has been in the United States for centuries but it has not always lived her. Entomologists believe European exploration ships to the new world brought the...

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Aedes Albopictus, Asian Tiger Mosquito

The Asian Tiger Mosquito - Aedes Albopictus Entrance into America: Aedes Albopictus, known as the Asian Tiger Mosquito (or forest mosquito), entered America in the early 80’s. Albopictus was first seen in the Port of Houston in 1985 off of a freight ship of used...

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