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We know your family’s safety is your top priority. Give us a call and we will have a trained mosquito control technician out to your home in the Dallas / Fort Worth area ASAP!



$85 Yard Treatment

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Misting System Spring Startup

Are you tired of being attacked by mosquito every time you step outside? Are you ready to enjoy our beautiful Texas weather? Our Spring Startup Service is the perfect place to start. We will send a trained professional to your home to make sure you get the exact protection you need to keep your family safe!

Misting System Service

Many mosquito misting systems are not properly serviced or maintained. When that happens they become very ineffective against fighting mosquitoes around your home, and your outdoor living space. We’ll make sure your misting system is working effectively to protect you all season long!

Mosquito Yard Treatment

Backpack treatments are a great supplemental treatment that is only needed periodically. Some people may notice an increase of activity during certain parts of the season.We are here to keep you safe and comfortable. This treatment is very effective against daytime fliers like Asian Tiger Mosquitoes.

Mosquito Misting System Winterization

Your mosquito misting system worked great all season long. To protect your investment you must winterize it to prevent freezing damage. Our trained technicians will ensure that your system is ready for the long winter ahead.


There is a new and very real threat in Texas. These mosquitoes are very aggressive! If you or someone you love is infected, it can lead to dangerous health consequences. Tactical Mosquito Control Dallas, Fort Worth, TX can help you combat this new pest!

Providing the highest quality mosquito control in the North Texas area so you can live outside again!

When your yard gets invaded by uninvited pests, you need a reliable misting company to nip the problem in the bud. Tactical Mosquito Control Dallas / Fort Worth knows mosquitoes and how to get rid of them! With over 26 years of experience, we have developed programs to give you relief from those pesky bugs including the Asian Tiger! We provide high-quality installations and service so you can rest easy knowing you are in the best care available. Our programs are proven and fix ongoing problems that plague other installers. Improperly installed misting systems can have many problems. Nozzles can clog too soon, hoses can be damaged by wildlife or the juice is not pH balanced. All of these problems can lead to systems that do not kill mosquitoes, which leave your family vulnerable to attack.

Protecting your health and your family!

Mosquito problems are more than just an annoyance; in many cases, they can actually impact your health. Don’t put yourself or your family at risk when help is available.

Did you know that mosquitoes can carry a wide range of dangerous viruses that include:

Dog Heartworm
Yellow Fever
West Nile Virus

We provide more options for treatment programs that give results. No other company in the Dallas / Fort Worth area can match out service and experience. We service all name brands of systems available on the market today so if you have a misting system that’s not working the way you need it too, just give us a call! For new installations, we only install Mistaway Systems which are American made here in Texas.

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