How Does a Mosquito Misting System Work?

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How Does a Mosquito Misting System Work?

One of the first questions we receive when we talk about Mosquito Misting Systems is, how does this system work? There is a great deal of engineering that goes into a Mosquito Misting System and one variation from the math results in a huge waste of money. Let's break it down. 

The Basic Overview:

The ultimate purpose of a misting system is to kill mosquitoes. The system does not repel mosquitoes like candles or bug spray but instead, administers a dose of pyrethroid that kills the bug.

Along the back section (known as the Abdomen) of a mosquito, you will find small holes called Spiracles. This is how the mosquito “breathes”. A misting system is designed to get pesticide inside of this small hole.

For more detail on the mosquito, anatomy check out this article.

A misting system uses the nozzle structure to push out the juice. The nozzles are placed around the area you want to protect and the system dispenses the chemical to kill any mosquitoes in the area. If your system is designed, installed, and serviced correctly you will kill any bug that comes in contact with this chemical.

The Mosquito Misting System Installation:

Every company installs systems differently but we design and install systems to not be seen by anyone. The primary placement of your nozzles will revolve around the area that you use the most in your yard. The engineering aspect of your system can be complicated and will vary based on the dynamic of your yard. In order to kill mosquitoes your system must meet a few basic specifications:

  • Adequate coverage of the areas that you occupy the most

  • Coverage of areas that mosquitoes may “hang out”

  • Proper engineering to ensure 250 PSI on nozzle structure

  • pH balance of your water to keep the active ingredient from degrading

  • Swapping out any tips that are clogged or under-performing

The Pesticide:

There are many different pesticides that occupy the market. Our personal preference is Sector. The primary reason behind this is the lack of a residual the product leaves behind after your system sprays. We have used products before that left sludge and sticky residue behind after it sprayed. We hate that! Additionally, this product is very friendly with pets and animals. You don’t want to drink it, or have it hit your food and drinks, but if you are in the yard when it dispenses you will not die!

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