Mosquito Misting System Services

Refills and Maintenance

Mosquito Misting System Service and Maintenance

Many mosquito misting systems are not properly serviced or maintained and thus they become ineffective against fighting mosquitoes in your yard, around your home, and your outdoor living space. Your system is no longer effective at killing this annoying pest! Don’t pay for ineffective service! At Tactical Mosquito Control, we provide misting system service for all brand names of mosquito misting systems. We can assess your system and provide very effective programs and misting system services to bring your older system back to life.


Attention to Every Detail!

The active ingredient we pour into your system requires the pH of your water to be between 5.5 and 7.5. Most companies do not pH balance the water in your tank before pouring this active ingredient. This makes your system ineffective before it even sprays! At Tactical Mosquito Control, we balance out your pH prior to pouring the active ingredient so your juice does not become inactive. We also offer a Nozzle Maintenance Warranty Program to assure your misting system sprays like new every season. Let us make sure your systems are working properly.

Our Maintenance Service Includes:

  • A 20 point inspections of the unit and tank
  • Pressure testing the entire system for continuity.
  • PH balance of the water prior to refilling the tank to ensure longevity of the active ingredient.
  • Replacement of tips if needed to reach optimal spray setting of 30 microns, which is required to kill mosquitoes.
  • Scheduling of future refills to return prior to your tank running empty. We shoot for the refill at 80% usage (It’s all about math and we are good at making this adjustment based on your use of the system).


Call Tactical Mosquito Control now to schedule your mosquito misting system service, assessment, and evaluation. We will waive your assessment fee if you elect to have Tactical Mosquito Control service your system. We proudly serve the Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, TX and surrounding areas!


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