Mosquito Control Services

At Tactical Mosquito Control, your family’s safety is our top priority. We are 100% committed to your safety and comfort when it comes to unwanted bugs. We offer five major mosquito control services throughout the year: Spring Startup, Refill and Maintenance, Winterization, In2Care, and Yard Treatments. You can read more about each of our mosquito control services below and if you want more information, contact us. We are always here to help! We proudly serve the Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, TX and surrounding area.


Refills and Maintenance Service

Many mosquito misting systems are not properly serviced or maintained. When that happens they become very ineffective against fighting mosquitoes around your home, and your outdoor living space. Tactical Mosquito Control takes our mosquito control services seriously! We’ll make sure your misting system is working effectively to protect you all season long!

Yard Treatment Service

Backpack treatments are a great supplemental treatment that is only needed periodically. Some people may notice an increase of activity during certain parts of the season. Tactical Mosquito Control takes our mosquito control services seriously! We are here to keep you safe and comfortable. This treatment is very effective against daytime fliers like Asian Tiger Mosquitoes.

Start-Up Service

Are you tired of being attacked by mosquito every time you step outside? Are you ready to enjoy our beautiful Texas weather? Our Spring Startup Service is the perfect place to start. Tactical Mosquito Control takes our mosquito control services seriously! We will send a trained professional to your home to make sure you get the exact protection you need to keep your family safe!

In2Care Service

In2Care is a great supplement for sterilizing the Asian Tiger Mosquito. If you're having issues with daytime flyers, this treatment is perfect for you. It is only effective against daytime fliers like Asian Tiger Mosquitoes.

Winterization Services

Your mosquito misting system worked great all season long. To protect your investment you must winterize it to prevent freezing damage. Tactical Mosquito Control takes our mosquito control services seriously! Our trained technicians will ensure that your system is ready for the long winter ahead.

$85 Yard Treatment

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