The Different Levels of Mosquito Protection

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The Different Levels of Mosquito Protection

When it comes to the world of Mosquitoes there are different levels of mosquito protection (and costs) that you must accept when repelling/killing them. We will break down each option with the cost you should expect and how the effectiveness.

Free Alternatives:

We say “alternatives” but even if you opt into one of the other routes you should always do these basic activities around your home.

  • Overturn empty flowerpots to prevent pooling.

  • Maintain swimming pools to prevent stagnant, untreated water.

  • Aerate birdbaths to prevent pooling.

  • Clean gutters to prevent the buildup of particulate matter or blockings.

  • Clean pet dishes every day.

  • Continue to check your yard for any pooling of water in containers.

  • Wear long sleeve shirts or pants to decrease the amount of skin available to mosquitoes to bite.

Low-Cost Mosquito Protection:

The lowest cost bracket is for bug spray and DEET. Most people stay in this bracket and are happy, and they see great effectiveness too. Generally speaking, bug spray (DEET specifically) is very effective against Mosquitoes and will protect you from their bites. The reason we say “generally speaking” is because many studies have been conducted that show DEETs ineffectiveness against the Asian Tiger Mosquito. This little bug is so evasive it will bite directly through someone sprayed with DEET.

Conclusion: If most of your day is spent inside and you do not need mosquito protection until at night or early in the morning you will see great effectiveness from DEET. If you are outside most of the day (if the sun is out) you will see minimal effectiveness from DEET. For more information on the Asian Tiger read this article.

Cost: $5 for a can of DEET that should last you one to two weeks (if used daily).

Another option to keep mosquito breeding down is to put BTI dunks or granules into your drains (Bti is short for Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis). If you have any sort of french drain system or other drainage that takes water off your property, mosquitoes will breed in these drains. If there is a catch basin available, place a BTI dunk inside to keep mosquitoes from breeding. If you don't have a catch basin and just have drains, pour BTI granules into the drains weekly. 

Cost: Based on the amount of space you're trying to cover it could be $10 a month to $30 a month. 

Medium-Cost Mosquito Protection

The medium cost bracket is for yard treatments. At Tactical Mosquito Control, we only support proven methods that are effective. For that reason, we won’t recommend yard treatments that are purchased from your local Walmart or Home Depot. We had a few clients that went this route and so far we haven’t received positive feedback.

The yard treatment we provide (if you do it as a stand-alone) is done once a month with two separate products. The first product is an adulticide that kills upon contact, as well as serving as a repellent to keep mosquitoes away. The second product is specifically designed for the Asian Tiger Mosquito (really great for fighting Zika). It is a growth regulator that keeps the mosquito from ever pupating.

Cost: $90 a month.

Hight-Cost Mosquito Protection:

The highest cost bracket is a mosquito misting system. If you want more information on how exactly the system works you can read this article. This option is the most expensive and it is also the most effective. The reason it is so effective is because we are not trying to repel the mosquitoes around your house but instead kill them (which decreases the number of mosquitoes breeding in your yard). Over time you will kill the mosquitoes near your house and effectively stop them from breeding near you.

Conclusion: This option is the most expensive but is by far the best way to face mosquitoes, especially if you hate spraying DEET just to spend 30 minutes in the backyard with your children.

Cost: The price is based on the size of your yard. Most people spend around $3,000 for their system.

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