Professional Cool Mist System Installation

Providing you with relief from the heat!

Tactical Mosquito Control does much more than provide you with relief from mosquitoes. We can also provide you with relief from that brutal Dallas, TX heat! Why beat mosquitoes if you still cannot enjoy your yard because of the heat. With one of our expertly installed, high quality cool mist systems you will see a dramatic decrease in the outside temperature of your back yard. Our systems atomize water to reduce outside temperature without getting everyone wet.

 With our cool mist systems in your yard you will enjoy the hot Texas summers a few degrees cooler than everyone else. 

Notes about our systems

Every installation is done with the absolute best quality, designed for you to never see the structure until it goes off. If you have an existing misting system on your patio we can install this system right along side it. 

  • High-pressure pump designed for extended spraying
  • Direct connection to water supply required
  • High quality filter-less brass tips that never require changing
  • Can be installed on back patios, verandas, porches, around pools, or any other areas you want coverage 


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