Mosquito Misting System Spring Startup Services

Take Back Your Outdoor Space

Are you tired of having to cover yourself with bug spray to avoid getting bitten every time you hang out in your backyard? Are you sick of coming inside from meals on the patio and discovering that you once again got attacked by mosquitoes? Don’t let mosquitoes spoil your outdoor plans. At Tactical Mosquito Control, we have a solution: Our mosquito misting systems are designed to keep your home mosquito-free so that you can enjoy the summer months outside. Let us perform your Mosquito Misting System Spring Startup!

Some people avoid spending time outdoors for fear of getting attacked by mosquitoes. Don’t shut yourself inside when Tactical Mosquito Control can help. Our mosquito misting systems are an easy, cost-effective solution for your North Texas area mosquito problem. And when you work with us, you’ll benefit from our team’s extensive knowledge and thorough approach to all that we do.

Our Spring Start-up Service Includes:

  • A visit to your home by a trained technician
  • A customized plan to maximize your comfort in your outdoor living space
  • Setup and installation of your system
  • Pressure tests to ensure the system is running to its highest potential
  • Training on how to use your new system and when to call us back if needed

If you need In2Care or a Yard Treatment to fight the daytime flyer, the Asian Tiger, we conduct those services at that time as well.

Call Tactical Mosquito Control now to schedule your system assessment and evaluation. We will waive your assessment fee if you elect to have Tactical Mosquito Control take over services of your system.


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$85 Yard Treatment

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