Mosquito Misting System Winterization Service

Proper Mosquito Misting System Winterization is Paramount for the longevity of your unit.

Mosquito Misting System Winterization is required to maintain your system. Many mosquito misting systems are not properly serviced or maintained and become ineffective against fighting mosquitoes. Don’t pay for this ineffective service! Call Tactical Mosquito Control today! We service all brand names of mosquito misting systems! We can assess your system and provide effective programs and services to bring your older system back to life.

Our Winterization Service Includes:

Winterization Services are extremely important! It’s your insurance policy to help save your pump and your system from freeze damage. During this visit, we will:

  • Flush out the nozzle system with fresh water, and then blow the lines clear of liquids with an air compressor
  • Check all nozzles and make sure they have no juice in them and the water is clear at the tip
  • Purge the pump and blow it free of liquids
  • Test the liquid in the tank to make sure it is pH balanced and stable so it will be ready for the next season.
  • Remove and clean all filters; they will be placed on the lid under the bonnet which tells the tech and the owner next spring that the system has been winterized.
  • Unplug the controller and wrap the cord around the controller and place the bonnet over the controller, it’s all winterized at that point.

Our Winterization schedule fills up fast so call Tactical Mosquito Control now to schedule your system winterization today.


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